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Contacts Or Glasses? Or Both!

Contacts Or Glasses? Or Both!

Many of us often ask, “Which is better for my lifestyle: contacts or glasses?”

Both contact lenses and traditional eyeglasses present distinct advantages to the wearer. Let’s explore what each has to offer and why you may want to consider using both!

Traditional Glasses Offer A Versatile Choice

Traditional eyeglasses are obviously the older of the two options—but that doesn’t mean they are out of date and old fashioned! Innovations in both eyeglass lens and frame technology have allowed glasses to meet the strict and ever changing demands of our modern lifestyles.

Modern eyeglass lenses are not only more durable than lenses of years passed, but advancements in lens construction and lens coatings helps protect our vision in more ways than ever before. Today’s lens coating options offer protection from everything from harmful UV radiation to blue light emitted by our various devices’ screens.

Aside from protecting your vision, your glasses can also be an amazing reflection of who you are! With countless styles and colors to choose from, you can find the perfect frames to match any occasion and any personality.

Traditional glasses also provide a few more handy benefits.

  • They are low maintenance and are extremely easy to put on and take of as needed.
  • Eyeglass lenses don’t only protect you from UV rays and blue light, but can shield your eyes from dust, wind, and debris.

Contacts Open A World Of Possibilities

Even if you prefer wearing glasses, having contact lenses available to you opens up a world of possibilities. Contact lenses sit directly on your eye, giving you much better peripheral vision than traditional glasses. Not only does this open up your field of vision, but being able to see without your frames allows you to participate in sports and other active hobbies unimpeded and without fear of damaging your glasses.

Those with active lifestyles aren’t the only ones who benefit from wearing contact lenses. Many who wear glasses only have one or two pairs. While each set of frames may complement certain looks in your wardrobe, contact lenses won’t clash with any outfit. They also allow others to have an unobstructed view of your beautiful eyes.

Contact lenses also have a few other nice perks.

  • They won’t fog up in rainy or inclement weather.
  • They don’t add any additional weight to your face while wearing them.
  • If the occasion calls for it, you can correct your vision without wearing your glasses.

Contacts And Glasses Make A Great Team

Whichever you decide is right for you, we encourage you to give both a try! Both eyeglasses and contact lenses offer benefits in terms of vision, ease of use, and eye health. If you have any questions about how contacts or traditional glasses can improve your day-to-day life, let us know! We’d love to help you discover how each can improve your unique situation.

The doctors and staff at Isthmus Eye Care are here to help you make your decision!

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