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Isthmus Eye Care Blog: Our Mission: Your Vision

May is Healthy Vision Month

May is Healthy Vision Month

The National Eye Institute has designated May as Healthy Vision Month. And while we think every month should be Healthy Vision Month, it’s a good time to step back and consider how you care for your eyes on a daily basis and whether there are any changes you should consider. 

Don’t put off your annual eye exam. A comprehensive annual eye exam is your best line of defense for catching any potential problems early and ensuring that you are staying up-to-date with eyecare best practices.

Limit screen time. We talk a lot about kids and screen time, but for adults, too, overuse of computers and digital devices can cause what is commonly referred to as Digital Eye Strain. This can lead to problems such as dry eye, headaches, neck and/or backache, and fatigue. Glasses that block harmful blue light are becoming more commonplace, and most smart phones now have settings to help even grown-ups better manage and limit their own screen time. 

Stay safe while working and playing. Always be sure to wear appropriate protective eyewear for work, play and hobbies as needed.

Eat the rainbow. Nutrition plays a major role in overall health, and eye health is no exception. Dark leafy greens tend to be one of the biggest stars of the show when it comes to eye health. Fortunately, the abundance of farmer’s markets in the area makes it easy to access fresh local fruits and veggies in the summer months. 

As part of Healthy Vision Month, the National Eye Institute has launched a campaign called “My Vision of the Future” to encourage people to think about the beautiful things they are fortunate to see and why they want to protect their vision. They give the example, “I wear sunglasses now so I can see the Grand Canyon in the future.” Come up with your own idea and share it on your favorite social media channels using the hashtag #MyVisionMyFuture. 

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