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Summer Ideas for Family Fun

Summer Ideas for Family Fun

Kids tend to have more unstructured free time in summer, which can be a great thing as long as they don’t default to devices! Here are five great alternative activities that you can encourage your children to do over the warmer months … or better yet you can do them together!

Let your garden grow. Whether a large outdoor vegetable garden or a small indoor herb garden, planting and cultivating a garden offers ongoing learning opportunities and quite possibly a very satisfying payoff. It’s inexpensive and offers little jobs to do each day for all ages. 

Plan a road trip. Half of the fun of travel is in the planning. If you’re taking a trip this summer, make it a family affair but poring over guidebooks, planning routes and researching things to do at your destination.  

Stock a craft cabinet. At the start of summer, collect a bunch of new or recycled items so kids have a variety of projects at their fingertips. One person’s trash can be turned into another’s treasure!

Create a summer reading challenge. Offer prizes for hours read or numbers of books read or allow children to “earn” their extra screen time by doing extra “real” reading.

Create an obstacle course. Invite friends over to try different challenges for a backyard version of American Ninja Warrior or conduct family/friend time trials. Healthy bodies help support healthy vision.


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