Colin V. Connors, O.D.

Meet Dr. Colin Connors

Dr. Colin Connors, an Isthmus Eye Care optometrist, understands the importance of good eye health in achieving life goals.

As a Middleton native and graduate of Middleton High School, Dr. Colin Connors moved to Chicago to study biology at DePaul University, and then graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in 2009. Upon graduation Dr. Colin Connors was excited at the opportunity to get back home to Wisconsin.

Dr. Colin Connors enjoys seeing patients from youngest to oldest, from ages six months to one year as a participant in the InfantSEE program, to patients of all ages. Dr. Colin Connors believes that through listening and understanding he can help to serve his patients, offering them the best solutions to their health and vision needs. He is a member of both the American Optometric Association and the Wisconsin Optometric Association.

Outside of the office, Colin loves to spend time with his wife, Tricia, and their strapping son, Declan, born 2014, and brand new baby girl, Maeve. His growing family keeps him extremely busy, but he also enjoys getting outdoors when the weather permits, for hiking, and getting out on a lake or stream for fishing. He also enjoys going to concerts and listening to music, though his tastes have changed over time, less bluegrass now and a little more Elmo.


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