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InfantSEE® is a public health program designed to ensure that eye health and vision care become an integral part of infant wellness.

InfantSEE® is a registered program of the American Optometric Association (AOA). As participating doctors in the InfantSEE® program, Isthmus Eye Care optometrists will provide an infant six to twelve months of age with a comprehensive eye and vision assessment. InfantSEE® assessments are a complement to the base-level screenings done by pediatricians or family practice physicians. The entire service, including consultation, will be without charge to the family or to any health insurance program. The basis of this program is public health, and it is a community service of the Isthmus Eye Care optometrists. Any family is eligible for an InfantSEE® assessment for their baby.

The intent of the InfantSEE® assessment is to evaluate the eyes for risk factors for future eye and vision problems that might be identifiable within the first year of life. Risk factors may include misaligned eyes (even those that may look straight but are slightly crossed or outwardly placed), eyes with poor movement ability, abnormally developing prescription status in one eye as compared to the other and eye health abnormalities.

When you visit Isthmus Eye Care, you and your baby will be with the staff and doctor for approximately one hour. The testing is entirely safe, using standard eye examination lights and lenses that can be placed before the infant to allow a thorough eye doctor-specific assessment. Dilation of the pupils using gentle drops will generally be recommended for full assessment of eye health.


InfantSEE isthmus eye care madison wiMost infants do not have significant risk factors and  professional eye examinations again at ages three and five are recommended. Infants with risk factors are recommended for follow-up with a doctor of the parent's choice, and some infants may be recommended for specialty examinations by a pediatric-specialized optometrist or ophthalmologist. Any follow-up care will be at the parent's discretion and would be billed by the doctor who performs the care with standard professional fees.

The AOA InfantSEE® public health program was developed in partnership with The Vision Care Institute of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. The doctors participating in the program receive no fees or reimbursement for performing the assessments, choosing to do them simply as a commitment to their community’s well-being. For more information about the AOA InfantSEE® program, visit

Good vision... it all begins with the infant! Schedule your infant's InfantSEE® assessment today!


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Patient Testimonial

“I was very pleased with my total experience at Isthmus Eye Care... Everyone was helpful, professional and made me feel very comfortable. My eyes are in good hands there!”   
- Dori T.

Patient Testimonial

“ ...The entire staff makes you feel welcome and is very friendly. I highly recommend Isthmus Eye Care to my family and friends for their vision care.”
- Marie C.