Our TruFit Promise

At Isthmus Eye Care, we want customers to buy products with confidence. so we offer our TruFit Promise; offering coverage and warranties for frames and contacts. That's our TruFit Promise to you.

We use the highest quality eyewear and a customized fitting process. We will help you select frames and lenses and make any necessary adjustments to your prescription, free of charge, for a full 90 days.

Our service doesn’t end there. Your eyewear is protected under a full two-year warranty. If in the course of wearing your glasses, you get a scratched lens or broken frame, we will either repair or replace it at no additional cost to you. We also adjust your glasses and change your nose pads at no charge. That’s the Isthmus Eye Care eyewear TruFit Promise to you.

The TruFit Promise also extends to our contact lenses, with the exception of specialty contact lenses. We want you to experience your “true fit”: the right lens, prescription, and promise for the health of your vision. We will provide you with diagnostic contact lenses fitted to your specifications. We’ll remain available to see you for follow-up visits, answer any questions, and make any necessary adjustments to your lenses for a full 90 days!

We want you to purchase your contact lenses from us with confidence. If you rip or lose a contact lens, we will give you a replacement lens at no additional cost (some specialty lenses excluded). If your prescription changes or lenses become intolerable, we will reimburse you for any unopened, unmarked boxes of contact lenses that you have purchased from Isthmus Eye Care within 90 days of your last exam.

That’s our contact lens TruFit Promise to you.

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