A Guide to Finding the Best Costume Contacts

September 18, 2023

A lot of Halloween costumes and cosplay outfits aren't really complete without costume contact lenses.

This can be difficult, however, because unlike an intricately crafted outfit, costume contacts are medical devices, so it's important for the safety of your eyes that you source good costume lenses. Follow our tips to make sure you find costume lenses you can trust.

All Contact Lenses Require Prescriptions

Many people who are just getting into cosplay or constructing their first intense Halloween costume might not be aware that contact lenses are not one-size-fits-all. Even if you don't need a prescription for corrective lenses, you still need a prescription for the fit of the contact lens. Ill-fitting contact lenses will be much more uncomfortable and could even slip off or scratch your cornea.

Some Vendors Aren't Trustworthy

One of the biggest red flags in a costume contacts vendor is being willing to sell without getting a prescription. US law requires contact lens vendors to ask for a prescription, so if they're willing to violate the law in that area, it calls into question their willingness to prioritize safety, sanitation, and quality in the products they sell as well. They could be cutting many other corners that will put your eyes at risk. Safe, above-board contact lenses are worth the potentially slightly higher price tag.

Costume Contacts Care and Safety

Once you've acquired your prescription costume lenses supplied by a scrupulous vendor, it's up to you to use them safely. Follow the instructions on the packaging carefully to minimize the risk of an eye infection, and follow these tips:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly anytime you're about to handle the contacts.
  • Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes while the contacts in.
  • Only use fresh contact lens solution to clean and store your contacts. Do NOT use water. Do NOT reuse old solution. Absolutely NEVER use saliva to clean your contacts (all saliva does is introduce oral bacteria to your eyes!).
  • Replace the lenses as often as instructed, and don't leave them in longer than instructed — especially with scleral lenses, which block more oxygen from reaching the cornea.

Contact Us to Get Your Prescription in Time for Halloween

We hope any of our patients who have ambitious costume goals are able to realize them (and we'd love to see pictures!). Time is running out to get your contact lens prescription in time for Halloween, so make sure to schedule your appointment soon. Make sure to contact us if you experience any problems with your lenses or if you'd like our opinion on a vendor you're considering.

Have an eye-safe and spooktacular Halloween next month!

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