Top Makeup Tips for Glasses-Wearers

July 3, 2023

It can be a challenge to choose the right makeup to flatter your facial features.

For glasses-wearers, it can be even trickier. How can you adapt your makeup strategy to complement your glasses too, especially if your prescription is strong enough that your eyes appear either unusually large or unusually small? You could always switch to contact lenses, but those come with their own set of challenges when it comes to makeup.

Making Makeup Plus Glasses Work

We recommend keeping these general principles in mind when applying makeup — and they work whether you like natural or bold looks:

  • Balance out dark or thick frames with bright or bold lipstick.
  • Use a dab of primer on your nose to keep your glasses from slipping down. (This goes for the guys too!)
  • Pull back on the eyeshadow if you have thick or dark-framed glasses. Something neutral or bright may be better options for making your eyes pop.
  • Keep your glasses free from mascara streaks by applying it less on the tips of your lashes and more on the roots. You can also curl them upwards so they won’t stick out far enough to reach your glasses.

How to Pair Your Glasses Style With Your Makeup Style

Everything is a balancing act. If your signature look involves heavy makeup, thin-framed or even rimless glasses might be your best option. The opposite is true for those who prefer light or neutral makeup, who could use thick or colorful frames to add extra flair. Experiment with different combinations until you find the frames that work best with your favorite makeup style.

Another factor to consider is size. Large frames allow more room for dramatic makeup without being overwhelming, while small frames won’t compete so much with your eyebrows. Consider the tradeoffs you’d be willing to make to achieve your makeup goals.

Prescription Strength Can Be Offset With Makeup

As we mentioned earlier, a strong prescription can change the appearance of your eyes, but makeup can help neutralize that effect. Matte and liquid eyeshadow can help make your eyes appear smaller if your glasses make them look too big, and mascara and lighter eyeshadows and liners can help make your eyes look larger if your prescription appears to shrink them.

What Should Contacts-Wearers Do?

For those who wear contacts, there’s much less to balance unless you favor color contacts, so your focus will be on safety with your eye makeup. Follow these tips to reduce the risk of infections or eye injuries:

  • Put contacts in before applying your makeup and take contacts out before washing the makeup off.
  • Wash your hands before handling contacts, both to put them in and take them out.
  • Choose non-allergenic makeup to play it safe.
  • Avoid oil-based or powder eyeshadow and pick water-based and cream eyeshadow instead.
  • Skip the waterline eyeliner. (We’d give this tip to anyone, but especially to contacts-wearers.)
  • Check the expiration dates on your eye makeup. Don’t use expired makeup!
  • NEVER share or borrow eye makeup. When you share eye makeup, you share germs!

Let Your Style Shine!

If you’re solid on your makeup style, all you need to complete it is the perfect frames, and we can help with that! Call us or come by our office and have a look at our selection. We’d love to give our suggestions if you’re not sure which option looks best on you.

It’s our pleasure to help our patients look and see their best!

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